No, I haven’t finished Resident Evil as of yet. And yes, I will at some point. But, if you know me, I jump between games like fleas on dogs. Anyways, I picked up Nioh last night and cracked into it today. And maaaaaaan, what a game! How can you go wrong with a game thats […]

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I swear, I’m not neglecting this site. Work has been kicking my ass a bit and I haven’t completed Resident Evil 7 yet. But I will… I MUST! Other than R/E 7, I picked up XCOM 2 the other day on a whim. Hopefully I’ll like it. Reviews have given it a great score so […]

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Also, if anyone can give me a hand trying to figure more of this wordpress s**t out, I’ll give that person a shiny dollar (Canadian, of course!). Thaaaaaaaaanks! ❤

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Resident Evil 7 Is HERE!

Excuse me for the next few day. I know I haven’t been on this for a few days but I’m going to not try and s**t myself playing this game. Reviews are in from other sites, and they’ve given it stellar ratings (Except IGN, those humbugs don’t know what in the high holy f**k they’re […]

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