Watch Dogs 2

Let me just say now thing. Watch Dogs 2 is a vast improvement from the first game. The protagonist this time around, Marcus Holloway, is much more interesting of a character than Aiden Pierce. Thats not to say that this game isn’t without its flaws. The driving mechanic of the game has been improved, buuuut, it feels like every car in the game is lacking suspension. The slightest bump can  you right off the f**kin’ road. The cover system isn’t terrible, but its a meh. Its not the best, but you can’t compare it to other cover based systems (GoW.. doesn’t get any better than this series). The hacking aspect of the game is pretty cool. Camera hacking is back, same with wire transfer other NPC’s money to Marcus’ account. Pretty funny stuffs.
Story wise, this game is your typical sabotage, revenge type thing. I don’t mind it at all. The NPC’s that you interact with in game are interesting enough that you kinda forget how bland the story can be.

In terms of everything else, graphically, the game is gorgeous. Some slow down when theres alot going on, but not enough to be bothered by it. It is a pretty fun game. You can’t compare it to the first Watch Dogs. That game was a complete let down in my eyes. Had Ubisoft made the previous game like W/D 2, then i think a lot less people would be skeptical about purchasing this game. I got this game because I do believe in second chances.

This game gets a solid:



*Reviewed on the Xbox One*


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