What Grinds My Gears…

It’s taken me so f**ckin’ long to realize that Black ops III and Infinite Warfare are taking bloody pages from Destiny. Like, holy sh*t! Weapons, rigs, whatever the hell else C.O.D calls it, Destiny has already done it. You pricks, think of something else. PLEASE!
Vanilla Destiny was ho-hum. But the game has gotten much better with updates and whatever expansions they’ve released.

Call of duty on the other hand. Just M/P maps and Zombies. Make it more interesting next time, yes?

Infinite Warfare just plain sucks. The story was f**kin’ terrible. There was not one good thing about it (At least Destiny kept me going with their bulls**t story) .The worst in the series by far! Purchasing the MW bundle is the only thing good about it spending 109.99 at EB Games.
Multiplayer is a bit better, but theres something off about it. I do enjoy Black Ops III more, thats for sure.

The next C.O.D has to get back to the basics. What people loved about the Modern Warfare series. PLEEEEEAAAAASE!

But anyways, thats my rant for now. Check out a review for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard comping soon!


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