I Cannot Wait For The Nintendo Switch

I am so f**kin’ pumped for the Switch. The ONLY thing that suck about the launch are the titles that are being released Day 1. Aside from The Legend of Zelda, what the hell else is there to get? F**kin’ nothin’! Nintendo did HALF of their job right. They nailed the console, just not launch titles. But, what can ya do? F**k all at this point. Maybe sometime between now and March 3rd, something will be announced.



4 thoughts on “I Cannot Wait For The Nintendo Switch

  1. Your right, they did good but game selection isn’t there hopefully they release a large catalogue of Nintendo shop games preferably games from the GameCube years. I didn’t get to play any Cube games of old. I got mine pre booked.

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    1. i have mine preordered as well.
      My thing is, is that I’m not a fan of downloading games digitally. I like having the physical copy of it. So the eShop isnt anything that will interest me unless its a game from my childhood.


  2. I agree, but recently with all the great Games with Gold and PS Plus titles all that the big name companies are doing is grooming each one of us to accept the inevitable of download gaming. Which is sad.

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    1. I’m still hoping that people will see through the bulls**t and understand that digital games arent worth it in the long run. Yes, its awesome that GwG and PS+ are giving some decent titles away through their respective stores, but storage isnt free. Unless they release a console that has god knows how much in storage. Now, granted that with the X1 you can use an external hard drive, but PS4 owners are f**ked. How many people are going to keep removing a hard drive from their console when it’s maxed out.


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