Resident Evil 7 Review Pt. 1

I just want to say one thing first. I haven’t beaten this game yet. But, Ill be perfectly honest with you, this game is just alright. I was expecting much more in terms of the story. And the graphics, man oh man, I wish I wasn’t poor and had a PC that would be able to pump out the visuals. Im playing this game on the Xbox One. And it really isnt that pretty to look at. The environments are pretty cool, but its the same s**t over and over again. The character models are very mudded. Hair is all pixelated when you’re up close to one of the NPC’s. Its makes me wish that I purchased the game on the PS4 where it isnt so bad.

The scares are there. It’ll make you jump (sure as f**k made me) and theres some disturbing things to be seen. Hopefully, Ill have the game beaten by the end of the week, but until then. If I had to rate the game right now, 6.0/10.


I bid you farewell for now.


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