I swear, I’m not neglecting this site. Work has been kicking my ass a bit and I haven’t completed Resident Evil 7 yet. But I will… I MUST!

Other than R/E 7, I picked up XCOM 2 the other day on a whim. Hopefully I’ll like it. Reviews have given it a great score so I figured, what the hell?
The countdown to the Nintendo Switch is full on. Im so f**kin’ stoked about it. I really hope it does well. Its a brilliant idea that they have. And plus, not that I like VR (because it makes me sick as f**k), but the big wigs at Nintendo said that if they can find a way to somehow create a way to reduce sickness and have people play VR over a long period of time, than they gonna do it with the Switch! We’ll see!

What else…. Hmmmm…. I got nothin’. Im going back to watch the Super Bowl. Lady Gaga killed the half time show. What an incredible voice.

A ta ta for now!


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